Why I may not help the homeless again.

I want to share my own personal experience helping 3 homeless. Do take note. This is based on my own experiences and is not an attempt to change the minds of people who would like to help the homeless.

In the past 7 years. I have helped 3 homeless persons to stay at my place. The offer was for 2 weeks to 1 month. Free of charge as i felt sorry for them. However:

The first guy kept masturbating in my toilet and didnt even wash it off until I had to confront him (didnt do it earlier as i thought i could be wrong and its quite embarrassing to do so), He admitted after 10 mins of interrogation. And he stole some cash from me too.

The second guy was a friend. The deal was only for a month, he ended up not wanting to leave the house. After a few weeks of arguments, he decided to leave but smashed almost everything in the room. It costs me thousands of dollars in repair works.

Third person actually caused my parents to divorce. Because she was not willing to leave after being told to move out. My mother was a kind hearted woman but my dad was a firm man who goes by the book. Both unable to come to a conclusion. She was aware that my parents were fighting because of her but still chose not to leave the house till the day my parents got divorced.

So in conclusion. I would never help the next homeless person. Because you would never know how things will unfold. All 3 were that I helped were nice people that I came to know when I first met them. Yet it turned out like that.

p.s. while they were staying at my house they did share with me their past. And honestly, all 3 have very bad past. I believe they were made homeless because of karma.

By Shahri Sams

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