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The So Pho Experience (2nd Review)By Fahmi RaisThe So Pho Dining Experience  A family of 4 had our dinner there. We ordered 2 beef ball soup noodles ($10.80 each), 1 tendon beef noodle ($12.50) and 1 dry beef noodle ($10.80). In one of the beef ball soup noodles, we found a strand of black hair in it. We called and the Manager came. We showed her the hair in the bowl and she took it to the kitchen. No apology was made. She returned a few minutes later with a new bowl. Later we realized that for the beef ball spicy noodle, no beef balls were included. Imagine ordering a beef ball noodle dish with no beef balls in it. We called for attention and the same Manager came. Told her about it and she she went to the kitchen to return a few minutes later with the missing beef balls in a separate smaller bowl. No apology was made, After our meal, I asked for the Manager to be called and informed her of the 3 wrongs - firstly, a long hair in the dish (iunhygenic), secondly, missing beef balls for a beef ball noodle (a bad mistake. Its like ordering a chicken briyani with no chicken in it) and thirdly not making any apology for the 2 incidents which displayed a lack of service interest. The manager then apologized for the mistakes. She made the apology 3 times and offered a staff discount that reduced the bill by 30%. That was a good service recovery. Otherwise the food there is good, I must say.
Karisik Kebab PlatterBy Fahmi RaisReview: Karisik Kebab Platter @ Alturka Mediterranean & Turkish Restaurant  We celebrated our son's 12th birthday at Alturka. We ordered the salad to begin with and then enjoyed the Karisik Kebab Platter that was meant for 5 pax. However because it is probably the juiciest meat that you've ever tasted the platter serving was simply unable to satisfy the stomach of 5. So an extra order for the lamb chop and beef sausage and was made. By the time we are done, there was virtually nothing left, not even the onions, rice and salad. So that gives you an idea of how delicious the servings were. I would rate this place as having the best lamb chop in town. Knowing that we were celebrating a birthday, the crew played the birthday song and gave a complimentary small cake with a candle on it but what surprised us most was that they took a photo, printed it our and presented it to us on a customised paper frame. That is so sweet.
Molten Spring ChickenBy Fahmi RaisReview: Molten's Spring Chicken  We had family dinner of 5 pax at Molten Diners located at 256 Upper Thomson Road. I ordered Spring Chicken $12 while the others ordered Fish and Chips $13, Salmon Carbonara and Wagyu Striploin ($48 but on a 1 for 1 promo so its like you are just paying $24 for it). It was our first and definitely wont be our last. The food here is top of the line. From the presentation to the taste, you will have nothing to complain about. The quantity is right-to-generous and you certainly will enjoy the meal. Chicken was absolutely crispy and sauce simply fantastic. The meat was tender and the fish was fitting for 2 pax ! Prices are moderately reasonable and the sides promo (1 pot of mussels for just $1)is definitely a go. In short, its highly recommended.
Ayam Penyet @ D’Penyetz JEMBy Fahmi RaisReview: Ayam Penyet @ D'Penyetz, JEM We had family lunch at D'Penyetz located at 05-02 JEM, Jurong Gateway Road.  My Ayam Penyet was $7.50. We also tried Ayam Bakar $7.90, Ayam Geprek Mozarella $7.50, Ikan Bawal Bakar $8.90 and Tahu Telur $7.50. Nothing was a disappointment. In fact we ended up ordering 2 extra plate of white rice because the meals were simply authentically Indonesian. The sambal comes in several levels, so you can pick your own threshold for spiciness and the sambal were brought in from Indonesia (not prepared locally). As we know in any Ayam Penyet meal, the real deal is in the sambal and to me D'Penyetz got the best. Though we have a tasted a variety of drinks, Teh Botol $2.50 is a must. Value for money and totally great for taste.
KATOK Kailan by Chef AsmanBy Chef Asman 772 cloves garlicthinly sliced  2 tbsp MKuking SAMBAL KATOK (you may get it from MKuking)  1 tbsp Oyster sauce  200 g Kailan Blanch Kailan with boiling water for 10seconds & set aside Heatup wok with 1tbsp oil Drop-in sliced garlic Drop-in sambal katok Drop-in Kailan Drop-in oyster sauce Ready to serve
Breakfast Platter @ The Coffee BeanBy Fahmi RaisReview: Breakfast Platter @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Level 2 Causeway Point Ordered breakfast platter priced at $12.90 (with free coffee or tea).  The meal surprisingly came with a good serving/portion - 4 pcs of bread, scrambled eggs, beef patty and 2 ham slices.You can eat 2 rounds one burger styled and the other with the ham sandwich. The egg is far better than the one served at McDonald.  If you are having it for breakfast, it sure fills your tummy like its a good brunch.
Nice curry rice with old school ambianceBy PewanOne of the best curry rice place in Singapore . Rice come with curry long bean and cabbage by default . Wide selection to choose from they have Fish , chicken , lamb , fish head curry and many more selection. Space are limited so come early if you want to sit down and have your meal. Tried the mutton curry rice , spice is just right and meat is tender with no overpowering Mutton smell or taste.Briyani available on Friday , sat ,sun.
Fish Fillet Teppan-YakiBy Fahmi RaisReview: Fish Fillet Teppan-Yaki @ Level 2 Causeway Point Ordered fish fillet meal and thoroughly enjoyed it. Tasted the lamb and salmon meal and none was a disappointment. In fact, gien the price and the 'fun' of having your meal cooked in front of you and served fresh is an experience. The vegetables are generous an the meal comes with a bowl of soup and bowl of white rice. The taste is great and you can have it spicy or non. Wonderful for couple, group or family dining.
Encik Tan Signature NoodleBy Fahmi RaisReview: Encik Tan Signature Noodle @ Northpoint Tried the Encik Tan Signature Noodle and found it to be surprisingly tasty. Right-size noodle portion served with a bowl of soup that has fish balls and more in it. All that for just $5. Its an enjoyable no fuss meal in a clean air-conditioned environment.
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