‘Conjuring 3 – The Devil Made Me Do It’ is a letdown

Conjuring 1 was good (better than any of the Insidious movies by the same actor Patrik Wilson. Conjuring 2 was better. Naturally, we all expect Conjuring 3 to be the best of the trilogy.

But apparently not to my count. The expectation which was raised turns out to be disappointing.

Perhaps because this 3rd instalment is not pitting the Warrens so much against the demon. This time around the based-on-a-true-event was more of witchcraft.  So they are dealing with a curse even though the usual elements of possession, manifestation and exorcism elements are used.

There were fewer fright scenes and the first half an hour was slow-moving. The ending was predictable and the whole lot was more of a thriller script than horror.

What saves the movies was the original casting of the Warrens (and the now grown-up daughter). I just wish that they would’ve picked up a different case file of the Warrens than the one about Arne Johnson (supposedly the first case in the US where demonic possession is used as a trial defence). 

In short, Conjuring 3 proves that not all sequels get better.

That said, you’ll still enjoy the movie if you are a horror fan simply because, in 2021, there are not that many to catch in the cinemas. 

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