Today I started using Signal.

This is going to be brief. I have decided to phase out from Whatsapp (just maintaining the Whatsapp Business account for work) and migrate all my personal chats to Signal.

Doing so for 3 reasons: 

1. I am sold on the proposition that Signal is more secured. I therefore do not need another reason for the change. 

2. I find the features though not as matured as Whataspp to be real cool. I like the layout and am confident the app will continue to be better. 

3.It is an opportunity for me to purge a list of people that I rather not keep in touch anymore. 

So a new comms app will do the filtering job so that the chat is truly with those that matter.

How about you?

You are virtually stripped naked by FB + WA. 

What you need to know about what Facebook knows about you.

If you depend so much on Facebook then you have given up so much on you.


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