Facebook user Sophia Sulaiman Recently posted on the SC Private Group after she recently encountered something extremely eerie after tutoring a child at Hua Guan Avenue. She stated how both she and the taxi driver saw a spirit. Both the driver and the passenger even went to a coffee shop to have a drink so as to prevent the spirit from following them home.

Here is the full story. I worked on day shifts now, and would normally be home by 5 pm. All my kids were grown up and working, so usually it’ll only be me n my hubs at home or at times alone when he’s on shift. I don’t watch tv that much, so decided to take up tuition assignments 2-3 times a week. During that time I would reach home by 1030 or 11 pm at most. One of my tutees lived in no 83, Hua Guan Ave, off Dunearn Road. ( PS: she had moved to another place now) Her unit is way in, abt 10-15mins walk from the main road.

I’d noticed there was an empty 31/2 storey unit on the right side of my tutee’s place. The front gate was flanked by a white wall, and behind one of this wall was a mango tree. This wall was linked to my tutee’s small entrance where i usually went in/out for lessons. I usually stood waiting for my cab outside of this gate, with the mango tree behind me. Dat night I had just completed my session at almost 10 pm. I had already booked a comfort cab and his coming in 10mins or so. I stood at my usual spot at the gate, busy texting my hubs.

A slight drizzle had started then. “ Oh no, pls don’t rain heavily…i don’t have an umbrella,” I said softly.I heard a faint rustling noise behind me. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Noticed on my phone that the cab will be here soon. From a distance, i can see light and the faint sound of a car engine… “Great! Cab s here…” The cab stopped suddenly, few meters away, high beam lights in my direction. I saw the driver came out and yelled at me….“Ah muay come! Quick come here!” uncle shouted frantically.“COME!!! Faster faster…!!! “ he continued.

Without much thot, I ran to the cab and got in… The driver den reversed, turning here n there in a hurry to get away from der. I dunno how many point turn he made…….. confirmed more than 3….It was while he was turning then that i saw…..

Ms Ponti seated, with her legs dangling, on the wall. She could just reach out her hands to touch me standing der! The driver sped off towards the main road. He was visibly shaken. I heard him praying to Guan Yin, albeit softly.

I played some quranic recitations on youtube in my fone to calm my beating heart. Both of us could still hear the laughter ringing in our ears. “Ah muay…. “uncle’s voice sounded after few mins of silence. I looked up. “Can make ur praying sound louder more?” he asked. I nodded obligingly.

We had just passed Jln Jurong Kechil and turning towards Bukit Batok when i mentioned something to the driver.“Uncle…. I think its best we stopped at a Kopitiam near my place. My father ever told me if we encounter anything unholy, do not go home straight. We should go somewhere to sit it out. Whatever it was scaring and following us will be bored and go away…” I told him.

Uncle nodded, understood. We end up seating at 24hrs Kopitiam (now closed at 3 am) and waited while sipping hot drinks.

My hubby was on the night shift that night. So I texted my eldest son instead. He arrived few mins later. My son didn’t say much. The driver was calmer now, less pale. He told us he’ll call for a cab home and leave his taxi der. He’ll pick it up the next day. We left the Kopitiam 45mins later, waited till uncle got in a cab, and then walked home.

When I recounted my experience to my hubs the next day, he was stunned at first but was thankful that we were ok. Then he chuckled…. “Wow! taxi diver took taxi home…. thats a first! “

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