Sambal Garing Ikan Bilis Che’Nor

Nak mencari sambal yang rangup?sesuai untuk semua jenis masakan.
Ada CHE’NOR Sambal Garing Ikan Bilis semua masakan jadi sedap.

Sambal Garing Che Nor SG is a traditional sambal ikan bilis that were fried till crisp, dried just nice to maintain its shelf-life without any use of preservatives. Taste wise is spicy with natural tinge of saltiness from ikan bilis. Best taken with porridge, rice meals, bread, noodles and more. Upto your fold of creativity to explore.

1 bottle is 160gm, aluminium sealed. Suits frequent overseas travellers, campings, picnics, office pantries…anywhere. Pouch 50gm suits as handy pack for outings or gifting as testers, 3 pax suggested servings.

To order just wa 87518903. 



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