Roots Seeker Part 2 (2015 blogspot)


The pain walks with me.

It has been 5 days since and if there is one thing I’ve learnt to do well lately in the morning is to cry in the shower.

No leads whatsover even though this blog page and the Facebook page have reached more people rather significantly over the last 72 hours.

I felt like going to the cemetery today. Just to have a conversation with my late mom and dad. Not to question them but to assure them that my love for them is no less than ever before. That my search does not alter my feelings and thoughts about them. By all counts they are my parents in this world and hereafter. They cannot be replaced and I asked all of you to love your parents well.

My search is for my siblings.

In the process, I have found many long lost friends. I take some consolation in that. The media is next. Prayer is always.

I received many encouragement and well wishes. Mostly if not all, from friends and strangers. Most of my extended family and relatives have gone mute.

I could not have been more adopted.

The pain wont go away. It will walk with me and accompany me in this journey. My wife and kids are the reason I can still keep my sanity.

Do not offer me any advise that I have not already done or thought so.

Do not offer me any comfort of you understanding how I feel or knowing what I am going through. You have no idea and at best, can only imagine. Like a badly wounded man on the street, you can never know the agony until the lorry hits you too.

I, however, accept any offer to help spread the word.

Good morning pain and good morning hope. My eyes are so tired. I have never wanted to believe so much that the world is small until now.

[Note: the above (copy and paste) was written in my blogspot 5 years ago]

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