Roots Seeker Part 4 (2015 blogspot)


What Am I Now?

Both my birth certificate and NRIC indicated a Malay/Muslim name. There is even a Jawi version accompanying my name.

My NRIC indicated my race as Malay.

I have filled countless forms, applications, declarations and all putting myself as a Malay.

I was raised by my late Malay adoptive parents whom I love very much and sorely missed.

Except for my primary school second language which my parent chose to be Chinese, my further education and mother tongue is in Malay.

I live as a Malay among the Malay community without doubt.

I have been in positions as a Malay community leader, Malay representative and as a champion of the Malay cause and concerns.

And now at age 48 I discovered that I am a Chinese by birth.

So I ask you, what does that supposed to mean to me now?

Do I continue the rest of my life status quo?

Or do I recognize the new fact and attempt to understand my roots and embrace the socio-cultural characteristics?

My answer aside, the next question that follows is which among the 2 races will see me as one of theirs now?

A very real question for every mature adult of transracial adoption case.

“I used to be one of you, and now you are just them.” – Fahmi Rais on who that ‘them’ should be.
[Note: the above (copy and paste) was written in my blogspot 5 years ago]

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