Nadya Dean, the Rising Star

SELEBRITI Pick – A look at one of the latest competition sensations on Suara, Nadya Dean.

The following was taken from her Facebook :

Salam everyone.

It’s been a tiring journey but a very fruitful one. Alhamdulillah now that is all over, i get to go home, back to my family, my baby & my full time job so i can put food on the table. Firstly, i manage to look back at my performance. It was hard and i can’t complain. My motive was set since day 1 to only speak up. If i ever felt this opportunity was to compete, i would’ve just sticked to singing. But that wasn’t the case for me. I may not bring home victory, i bring home pride & love. As i voice for people who couldn’t and as i voice for my own. This is for my husband

Acik Nashriq

😘 This is for you too babe

Hush Bebe

! Thank you for coming to see me. Thank you to my family for understanding & supporting my decision to go on with my final song. Thank you to everyone for your EARS & HEART. I did it for the love.

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