IMG FAQ – Everything you need to know about IMG



What is IMG?


IMG stands for Inspire and Motivate Group. The organization was established in April 2021 with a dream to build a strong community of 500 knowledge seekers. These are the people who want to constantly upgrade themselves and be the agent of change in the lives of others. So in IMG, we cultivate the culture of learning focusing on self-development, leadership and communication skills. The aim is to enable every member acquire good interpersonal skills so that they can enjoy better social mobility regardless of whether they are career minded or business oriented or simply thinking about what to do next. IMG is a not-for-profit organization and it is currently supported by Asentar. IMG Facebook page is at


So what is so special about IMG?


IMG is one and only of its kind in Singapore. No one else out there is doing what we do or providing what we are offering. After becoming a member, he or she will get access to at least $10,000 worth of knowledge and skills without paying a single cent. Not only will the members be enjoying the weekly and monthly learning, they can also opt for the mentoring sessions where members can learn to be a trainer or mentor. No other party in Singapore is providing the same benefits like IMG since we operate as a give-back to the community and not commercially geared.


Who is IMG targeting?


Anyone who believes in self-education, self-improvement and self-development. As this is about upgrading you’re your communication skills, IMG will be of tremendous value to you regardless of whether you are a student, in business, having a career or even a retiree. Anyone will do better in life if they are equipped with tiptop communication skills. To seek continuous knowledge and constantly becoming the better version of ourselves is the aim of fulfilling life.


Do I have to pay anything?


The programmes in IMG are all FREE. However, IMG is using the Asentar platform for 3 reasons. Firstly, IMG would need an operating base (Asentar provides IMG with a conducive training venue and refreshment). As IMG is not-for-profit, it cannot afford to run its programme by renting venue. Second, the membership system in Asentar enables IMG to manage its members registry. It is easy to manage 10 or 20 people but with our intention of growing up to 500 pax, we would need to have a system that determines who are our members and who are not. Third, some of our programmes guide members to be financially independent but many do not have an existing business. So the Asentar platform provides these members with the natural opportunity to do a simple digital franchise business. In other words, what was learnt can be immediately applied. Membership is just a one-time payment of $236. Upon registration, members will get 2 boxes of super health supplements worth $376 (to last 2 months) and a licence to run a. franchise business for life. We do not look at this one time membership fee but as an investment in yourself since you will be getting so much of invaluable knowledge. From a bigger picture, $236 is 2% of the total benefits value ($10,000) you will be getting.   


I am so busy and I have little time, so what if I cannot cope with IMG learning?


IMG programmes are designed for the busy people in mind or people with little time in their hand. IMG has 2 main kinds of learning. We have the weekly learning which we called Snippet Sharing. It is a knowledge sharing on self-improvement topics conducted over half an hour via IMG group whatsapp on every Wednesday. Members can read and ask question at any time. The learning therefore is at your own time and pace. The idea is to offer quick and fun learning and to cultivate the culture of learning and the love for knowledge. We then have the monthly training. This is the face-to-face class-styled learning conducted on every last Sunday of the month from 10am to 12pm. Each module will be conducted twice so if a member could not make it for the first round, they can always attend the second run. As you can see, our programmes do give you the avenue to pick up new skills without you having to sacrifice what you are currently doing.


What areas of training IMG offers?


IMG offers training in a broad range of self-education, interpersonal and leadership skills. Our learning is suited for anyone from career starters to business leaders. We cover topics such as: Personal and Business Branding, Self-Leadership and Team Management, Charisma and Art of Influence, Marketing, Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Body Language etc etc For more information on our learning areas, you can go to


Do I need to sell anything if I am registered in Asentar platform?


That is totally up to you. IMG is about learning, not selling. Asentar, which is a Singapore-based company specializing in super supplements and beauty products. Asentar is used as our platform to realise the IMG dream. You can consider Asentar business programmes and products if you are interested in it. If you are not, you just enjoy all the knowledge and new friends and like-minded connections you’ll be making in IMG.


Who is doing the training?


The principal trainer is Fahmi Rais MA (Mass Communication), LLB (Hons), ICA AgileMkg, PD DigitalMkg, Cert.Ed. He has been in the training business for more than 25 years and is currently an Adjunct Lecturer with James Cook University. He runs his own training business – Asia Brand Academy and is the CEO of BrandLab. Fahmi was formerly the Vice-President of MediaCorp Suria and the Director of Strategy and Client Services for Dentsu Singapore. For more information about Fahmi Rais, you can go to However, IMG also has a pool of senior mentors and subject matter experts that contribute to the learning journey from time to time as co-trainers.

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