How I got my dream house by Shahida Rashid

I have to sell my favourite house due to the divorce. Due to the price increase over the years, it makes more sense for me to sell and buy another, than to top up the difference at market rate.

Felt a little sad as I love this house very much. Love the fact that it’s facing the nature park, with full green view, love how close it is to the MRT, LRT, interchange, bus stops along the main road connecting to 2 highways, love that it’s so near the swimming pool, 2 gyms, 4 shopping centres, the pond, the elevated boardwalk, all within walking distance. Tucked in the midst of nature yet so close to town. Love the open layout, the spaciousness of the house.

I began my journey to search for new houses seriously only recently. Initially, the plan is to move to my mother’s house with Sofie. The plan changed to buying a 3 room flat. But then the price difference from 3 room to 4 room is not much so hey may as well buy 4 room. But then later, the price difference from 4 room to 5 room is also not much in some cases so may as well get 5 room.

But… Each time I see houses on the web or house viewing, many just didn’t make the cut. Maybe expectations too high liao

Then, I just thought to myself recently. Wouldn’t it be nice if I can get a house just right beside my block. Then all will be perfect. Won’t disrupt my daughter’s routine much. Ah same size would be nice. Even better if same layout, same view. Would be so nice if not just block beside but also same row. But chances are super slim. Only 2 units per level per block faces this view. Not many people wanna sell from the blocks in this area. And if there are, the prices here are all too high liao…

Then, as I randomly checked online, I saw the block number listed. The exact block right beside! I got so excited. And at the super right price! Omg. But then the pictures were all only the bedrooms, kitchen and toilet. No living and dining. When I asked the agent when can I view, he said its 2 weeks later.

I asked the agent for more pictures. That’s when I got even more excited. Ehh like don need to renovate much! Tick! Same layout, tick! Facing same view, tick! Same amenities & facilities, tick! Ok super excited already haha…

So I went to have a peep. Just a teeny weeny peep. Only 2 units facing the park each level. Can’t be hard to find (after we know the level from the agent). So we simply crossed a shelter that connects both our blocks, that was built just a few months ago. Masya Allah…. is that symbolic or something? And I told my flock, comprising Sofie and my helper, “we are about to go to our next house!”

But in the end we went up down centre and repeat, can’t find the house in the picture. 

I then called the super helpful agent at 10pm at night upon my return from the house spy mission. He told me this unit was already put up on sale 6 months ago! It was given multiple offers and was already about to be sold (6 mths ago!). But the seller, who were divorced, had a disagreement, and they decided to rent it out instead. The buyers were so keen to buy the house, that they were willing to rent it first before buying. But the sellers changed their mind. Then it was rented to another family who offered to pay any amount to rent the house.

At the time of my call to him that night, he had just placed back the house in the ad for sale again, for just 2 days. He had also arranged for a viewing with strict rules given by the tenant, and so next viewing is only 2 weeks later. And guess what? Because the unit is tenanted, it can only be released in May. May?! Just enuf time for me to sell my house if all goes well by April. Pls pray for me.

I decided to offer that very night, before I had even viewed the house, before doing any calculations, and before checking on my loan eligibility etc.

That night, one partner agreed to my offer. Left the other party. They dont always see eye to eye. 6 mths ago, they backed out after a very serious seller was willing to pay at their price. The next day, agent can’t reach the other party. Late afternoon, the other agreed, yayy! Alhamdulillah…

So I have officially signed the documents to purchase another home, just like mine, just 1 block beside, & 1 floor higher. Masya Allah….. if all really goes well, it’s truly truly truly His magnificence…. Him hearing our prayers and intention. And arranging everything so magnificently beyond what any human could ever do……

Thank you ya Allah. This experience just strengthened my faith and gratitude, whether or not it all goes thru…. 

If not, I know something better is on the way. I mean what are the chances that a house that is about to be sold 6 mths ago didn’t go thru at the last minute, which could very possibly be mine later on? Was it like put on hold for me? Certainly felt like it.

What are the chances that it was later tenanted for a period of time that ended at about the exact right time for me to be able to sell and then buy, insya Allah? What are the chances it’s the block beside me, after I set that intention? At the right price? At the right level? (Higher levels wont be able to enjoy the garden view) Don need to renovate much? Fulfilling the long list? Masya Allah…. Thank you for your beautiful miracles ya Allah.

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