This is home for the Singapore fans of Ertugrul and Osman. We’ve watched the entire 5 seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul (some even more than once) and now we are following Kurulus Osman. With the latest episode 41 (which we can watch with Engllsh subtitles every Thursday), what do you all think of the plot so far and who is the endearing character and most hated? 

Also, if you have a wish how would you want Season 2 to end?


  1. Aygul Hatun
    Aygul has been on quite a journey, and her character is unique, probably one we have really seen grow, develop and transform.
    She has always been loyal to Osman, even in the first episode of season 1 where she rather be under the knife herself than give Osman away. Things obviously didn’t turn out as she had hoped, and her heartbreak led her to making some poor decisions. Having Dundar as your father and Zohra as your mother, didn’t exactly help the poor girl! Her actions were understandable too be fair. She turned against Osman, but she was still loyal and cared about her tribe, hence why she threw the veil and stopped the fight between the Kayi tribe and Alisar’s men. Even when Alisar slapped her, she didn’t regret her action. She brilliantly then coordinated Alisar’s men when they were being attacked, again showing strong leadership skills, even though she was fighting on the wrong side, but of course she didn’t know this at the time.
    Her acting was superb and touching when she found out the truth about Alisar, and that he had killed her brother, Batur. The utter shock, pain and grief led her to lose her mind, she acted brilliantly and as an audience, we could really feel her raw emotions.
    Then in season 2, we were introduced to a different Aygul. A newly trained warrior who had been on a painful journey, and was suffering from mental health issues. She was also struggling to accept or bond with her baby. Again, these issues are relevant to the times we are living and so many modern day people can perhaps relate to the grief, discomfort and pain she showed.
    Under the tutelage of Selcan Hatun, support of Osman and Bala, and as the episodes progressed, we started seeing Aygul heal and transform. Healing takes time and one has to be in the right environment, and she found that. Through fighting, she was able to release her anger and channel her negative energy, and through the support of Selcan and Bala, she was able to find emotional companionship. Now she has met Cerkutay, her match and it’s endearing to see their relationship develop.
    The other thing I would like to highlight is that Aygul’s role as afemale warrior gives us a good portrayal of what it is like for females to go into battle alongside the men. This is something we know the female companions of the Prophet ﷺ used to do. Many fought alongside , and even Protected the Beloved ﷺ (Sayyida Nusayba radiAllah anha for example). Therefore is it wonderful and inspirational to see Bozdag bring this Prophetic characteristic into the series.
    Aygul’s character is relatable to many different people I think, and the actress has done a phenomenal job. Yes, I do think sometimes she overacts a little and we have seen some unrealistic scenes such as taking down a whole bunch of Byzantine warriors singlehandedly, but hey these are minor things which do not take away the greatness of her character.
    I think we are in for more surprises yet, whether she existed in history or not, but Aygul’s character is definitely an asset to the show. She is one of my favourite characters.

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