Everyone can be branded…according to the process.

But not everyone will be a brand..according to the outcome.

So I have coached more than a thousand individuals on how to create a personal brand over 25 years (since 1995 beginning with the TV artistes under Prime12). That experience enabled me to stand out as the Brand Wizard and differentiate me from other local and regional personal brand Gurus. With me, I do not talk about how to create a personal brand to a participant. I actually create the personal brand for the personal brand. A Joe or Jane will be turned into a completely new identity set to be the leader in his or her chosen field.

And given my experience I can place personal branding participants into 3 broad categories.

Category 1 – they know what they want, they are willing to accept the ‘terms’ of being branded or being a public figure, they are ready to take the path, they follow the branding roadmap, they are consistent and they are determined. They will be branded in a short period of time.

Category 2 – they know what they want, they are willing to pay the price and they show enthusiasm. But their fire fades soon after the coaching session. The know-what and the know-how became mere knowledge that got lost in execution. Their desire to be branded remains intact but with the lacking in the will-power, the branding process takes a slow trajectory, sometimes on a slope to nowhere.

Category 3 – they do not know what they want and was looking for a quick fix to celebrity status. They are driven out of curiosity and the hope that the personal brand works like a magic wand on them. They are resistant to the transformation process because of their refusal to let go of their past and baggages. In other words, they want to create a version 2.0 of themselves by remaining intact in their current version of 1.0. Never have I represented the process as easy as swallowing a pill. What I do promise is a formula that is guaranteed to work if followed. 

I realised from the many sessions that I can help them bring out the best in themselves only if they allow it to happen. The miracle that they are looking for can only be found within themselves in the form of meracle.

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