Birthday Wishes from Friends

Every year we all celebrate our birthday. Either in a grand way or in silence, we mark our birthday with wishes from friends who are aware of our birthdate.

But every year not only would the number of age changes, so are the people that would wish you with the good things in life. I notice there are 4 groups of people that will always be around to pray for you.

  1. Your faithful friends. The ones that are there year in and out and would at least remember your birth month, if not the date. Without fail, they will be sending you their wishes. These are the people that you should value. Some may be close to you while others are at a distance but that is just geography. The reality is, they are constantly close to you, they keep you in their hearts, they genuinely want to see you do well and they truly care enough for you.

  2. Your casual friends. These are the ones that will be there for as long as the need for the friendship remains. They have vested interest in wanting to keep the flame of relationship burning. It doesn’t matter why because after all we all do the same. These category of friends form the bulk of our circle and we in turn need them too from time to time for various reasons and needs. They would greet you when prompted ie when they saw others wishing you they too will also join the bandwagon so as not to be left out fro your acknowledgement. They want you to know that there are still around and value you in some form or another. Keep the feeling mutual.

  3. Your lost friends. By lost it simply means the flavour and favour of the friendship are gone. The relationship remains but not at an active or noticeable level. You have many of these friends in your social media. You see them around but you wont hear their sweet hellos anymore. It could be a inadvertent result of an incident that marred the friendship or that they no longer have any good use for you. So while in the past they would probably be among the first to wish you, now don’t count on them to even like your post, much less to wish you an automated Happy Birthday. But if a wish ultimately still comes from them, then all is not lost but the damage or coldness is there to stay irrespective.

  4. Your cameo friends. They are people that have not made it to the friendship level but nonetheless view you potentially as one. Nothing much is known about them but the courtesy of a birthday wish is still extended to you out of respect or goodwill (give their motive for doing so the benefit of the doubt and think positive). They are an unexplored ‘asset’ and could well turned into a fruitful relationship if given a chance. Pay attention to these people and do not rule them out. They are your network’s dark horses and could eventually be your lifeline or someone important to you in the near future. No appearance, no matter how brief, is incidental or peripheral. They are timely introduction for something greater depending on how you design the next move or how it mutually goes. They are wishing you for the first time, so try not to make it heir last.

    So there you go. These 4 categories will appear to make your birthday unique, every year. Do take note and be mentally and emotionally prepared as people in each category may jump ship from one to another depending on what happened in the next 365 days before your next birthday comes along.

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