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How to make French ToastBy Yohanes FarelThis French Toast recipe is super easy to make, if I can make it then you can make it.
Botok-BotokBy Fahmi RaisReview: Botok-Botok The Botok-Botok looks much better than the one in the photo and the taste is authentically fabulous. The fish is of good size, gravy is generous and the vegetables is just perfect. Tried this on a wet and cooling Sunday so the Botok-Botok with steamed warm white rice makes a perfect combination. You can just have the Botok-Botok and nothing else and it can certainly fill the tummy of one very hungry person. It cost $7 per piece which means it is value for money for the serving and definitely a good order on the day mom's not cooking.
Fruit TartBy nmiskiahraisIt comes with different flavours of fruit tarts - 2 lemon lime meringue, 2 raspberry, 2 dark chocolate seasalt, 2 nutella swirl and 14 assorted fruits. A mixed box cost for $50. It is recommended but the price is a little bit steep.
Roti Kirai Mel CuisineBy Fahmi RaisReview: Roti Kirai Mel Cuisine My family's favourite. We have ordered this set several times for ourselves as well as a meal gift for others. This is a great choice for many reasons. Firstly, for only $50 you are getting a lot to go around eg 50 pcs of Roti Kirai (also known as Roti Jala), 1 tub of curry chicken, egg salad with peanut sauce. Second, the taste is simply wonderful especially the curry. It will get you coming back for me as you got both quantity and quality. As mentioned our first time order resulted in repeated subsequent orders. The serving can cater for the entire family of 6 so it is a great dish to have during celebrations and gatherings. And finally, how about getting great tasting food delivered to your doorstep?