I love movies. I watch about 5 movies on the average every week. That would make it about 1,825 movies a year. So follow my blog as I review and rate the movies I watched.

Weekend Movie Marathon

The weekend of 12th and 13th December was spent watching 6 Indonesian horror movies, short of 2 (the original plan was to watch 8 movies in total) as the evenings were occupied with last minute unexpected work.

Fortunately, none of the movies I selected was a disappointment. I would give these movies a score 3 or more out of 5 stars based on the following rating:

1 Star – You are better off just watching trailers on Youtube. 

2 Stars – Not bad but still, you’ll enjoy your popcorn more than the movie.

3 Stars – Reasonably good. 90 to 120 mins of good time spent.

4 Stars – Scare you enough to sleep later at night with the lights on.

5 Stars – So damn good that it will become a classic.

Generally, I can see the improvements in cinematography, plot twists and more importantly in a horror genre, the special effects. And of course a host of new talents.

So the Indonesian horror movie standard has gone several notches up from what it was like 10 years ago. I was just wanting to check what the Indonesian horror movies are up to lately (since the Malaysian movie of the horror genre has taken a beating of late), but what the heck, I might as well rate them in case you need to prioritise which movie to watch given a more limited time.

Typically these movies depend on jump scares and surprising plot twists but what I would value more is the incorporation of good (religious or social) message that reminds us about faith, love and sacrifice.

The title of movies watched :

Kafir: Bersekutu Dengan Setan – 4 stars. About a widow with a sinister past needing to protect her children from black magic.

Rasuk 2 – 3.5 stars. About a medical student living with the cursed of seeing spirits and how she turned that curse into a way to help the dead with unfinish business.

Jeritan Malam – 4 stars. Based on a true account about a disbeliever who found himself losing the people he cared for because of his underestimation of the supernatural powers.

Roh Fasik – 4.5 stars. About a man of faith who lost his bearing after the murder of his beloved wife.

Sekte – 3 stars. About a cult that uses the residents of a home to advance their founder’s evil agenda.

Rumah Kentang – 3 stars. About 2 sisters having to deal with the evil spirits that dwell in the their inherited house.


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