This is so wrong on many levels

I spare you the details of the story and what happened. You can read the news as it is readily available and judging by the news-type this is probably appearing twice or more on your FB timeline.

What I wanted to highlight are 5 points that I find to be very disturbing with this story.

  1. I cannot imagine how an entire family (not just a member) can be an accessory to a crime. That not a single being in the household has the conscience to do what is right. What upbringing and family values were taught to them?

  2. Even if someone in the household may have the conscience to think that it is wrong to abuse the woman that is not enjoying the shelter for free (and thereby giving the responsibility to the family to act like a good host/landlord), by keeping quiet and letting this abuse to go on for sometime reminds me of the phrase that evil thrives because the good are not doing anything to stop it.

  3. Its a Malay/Muslim family. What happens to the values that they should be having. I would not expect even an atheist to be doing that much less for a group of people that I presume to be praying 5 times a day to the One God.

  4. That the love can turned into extreme hatred. That the pity could turned into arduous torture. That the respect for life could turn a human to be so animalistic. That is a transformation and in this aggravated instance, a collective one.

  5. What about the neighbours? the other relatives? Even the woman’s own family? The indifference of what could gone amiss is so worrying. Its like abuse has become a new normal, a just retaliation and a fair score for the accusation of the affair purportedly committed by the woman. And surely the act, if committed, must be consensual. So nothing happened to the husband?

It is simply appalling that something like this can take place today in our society. But I am preparing my mind that this will also not be the last of its kind. I pray for the survival and well bring of all those who were abused in silence. That they may find a way out and win back their dignity while the culprits pay for the price…and let it be a high or heavy price.


  1. You pull the words straight out of my mouth. Whatever happened to mercy and compassion that was thought in Islam or the humanity within a human for that matter. Not even a morsel of it amongst the people of that household.

    Oppression and barbarism has been going rampant globally even though more and more people are gaining easier access to knowledge and information which means in a more advanced and educated world, there should have been lesser and lesser of such cruelty if not none. Unfortunately, we are beginning to see more and more of such occurrences instead even on our little island.

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