Arabica Fries Kebab @ Marsiling MallBy Fahmi RaisReview: Fries Kebab @ Marsiling Mall A recently opened stall at Marsiling Mall foodstall, this Arabica Kebab is a nice and different addition. Serving great tasting kebabs, I tried the Salad Kebab ($5) and Fries Kebab ($6). The portion is good and the chicken is grilled well. Definitely recommended for kebab lovers wanting a taste in a neighbourhood estate at local foodcourt prices. 
Green Chilli Chicken RiceBy Fahmi RaisStumbled upon this food stall by accident and intrigue by the queue. So I tried the food and oh my was it different and delicious. The green chilli and the crackers made this chicken rice unlike any other chicken rice I have ever tried. Great in its own category. The chicken was served served in the traditional chicken rice cut and portion but more like ayam penyet style. So it was generous and I ended up ordering an extra rice (at just 50 cents, the chicken rice meal itself is a justified $5). I would come back to try this again and I recommend you to visit this place. It will be worth your time and trip.
Boat Noodle @ Causeway PointBy Fahmi RaisReview: The Boat Noodle @ Causeway Point I have visited Boat Noodle twice in JB so upon knowing that there is a new opening of the Halal Boat Noodle in Causway Point, I drop by the place with my wife and son. So we ordered several bowls, a sticky mango rice meal and a rice meal. Because of the opening promotion, each bowl (mini-bowls) is 60 cents instead of $1.50. with drinks for 3, the whole meal costs almost $60, on the above average considering that the bowls are already priced low and we didn't order that much. I also felt the taste and variety to be better in JB. So for the novelty of the experience, it is good but for the food, it is not that great enough to warrant a come back anytime soon. The mango was sour and that is something that kitchen should be aware of before serving the customers with pride.

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