One of the best activities in a multicultural country like Singapore is hunting for good food. And there are plenty to go around. When you talk for instance about Nasi Lemak, you can bet that there are half a dozen claims of the best Nasi Lemak in Singapore. And the claim goes on for Chicken Rice to Mee Soto, Satay to Nasi Ambeng. 

So how do know that the claim you made is true. Well, you can’t. Because it is up to one’s personal taste. Those who like spicy will rank the food differently from those who do not. So always take the best nominated food with a pinch of salt. Hence it is good to have a few best places as opposed to just one. 

And there are plenty of websites that make such recommendations. While you can expect some usual suspects (because they are truly hot favourite), you’ll be surprised to find recommendations to places that you might never have heard before. And this is where the fun begins. 

But as the recent study has shown that nowadays consumers do rate service as the most important aspect of dining. You heard it right, its service. Customer service has topped price and taste. In other words, consumer might not come back to the place with a poor customer service despite having the best food. 

So in today’s food hunt, the service is the most important. No point in enjoying a great taste but bringing home the memory of a bad customer service experience. Hence you have a new factor to bear in mind when going about with your food hunt. 

Now all said and done, you can look forward to some of the best recommendations regular food bloggers can give. Enjoy your grastonomy experience with the must try places in Singapore !

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