Share with the world your dining experience

Now you can be a food blogger without having to set up a food blog site !

Having a meal is one of life’s pleasures. We do that on average 5 times a day and for sure we have so much to tell about it.

Good or bad, you want to share the experience especially if it is a dine-out. You want to talk about the taste, the serving, the presentation, the price etc. And in today’s context with so much of emphasis on total experience, you also want to talk about customer service. In a recent survey, it has been revealed that people have placed customer service above food quality.

So with so much to share, where would you want to share it with? Sure the social media like Facebook and IG would be a platform to consider but the thing about them is what you post today may be ‘gone’ tomorrow. Not to mention that reach is limited as not everyone is on a particular platform. The next popular option is having a blog. But then again, not everyone can take the time and may want to spend on creating a blog. You got to be savvy and you have to spend a sizeable amount of time to maintain the site for it to be a draw.

So this is where comes in. It is the only halal food blog site in Singapore that enables you to submit your own food reviews and rate them.  You can share photos and even share your review directly to your social media accounts. All that without the headache of setting up a blog site.

So enjoy the power of the pen, relate your experience so that others would know where to go and where not to, what to order and what’s involved. Let the world knows so that your pleasure (and displeasure) can benefit others.

So click on  and you are on your way to be a well-known food blogger.

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