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Laksa @ Mukmin BedokBy paduka1976A sudden craving for Laksa had me travelling quite a distance from my comfort zone in Chai Chee to Mukmin Restaurant at Blk 129 Bedok North Avenue 2. This nondescript stall tucked at a corner came highly recommended among the few Laksa sellers in Bedok. Truth be told it was a tad too salty for my liking. It could be better with more santan (coconut milk). The lack of enough santan brought out the fishiness of the gravy which rendered the dish overall salty. I reckon the stall is much better off with its Kacang Pool which quite a number of customers were ordering on this rainy day, Friday 8th January 2020. At $3, the Laksa was alright but the salty aftertaste lingered.
Mee Rebus @ Blk 131 Marsiling RoadBy Fahmi RaisReview: Mee Rebus Nur Muslim Delight This is probably the cheapest Mee Rebus. The reason why I said that is because this serving of Mee Rebus bowl can actually feed 2 pax and it is only $3 (add 50 cents if you want the Bagedil). The gravy is even nice to be eaten on its own, sambal is great, more than enough mee put in, egg and a good sprinkle of friend onions. Not the best I have tasted in Singapore and presentation could have been better but overall a really good Mee Rebus that if you are in Marsiling, you should not give it a miss.
Nasi Goreng Kampung @ Causeway Point BagusBy Fahmi RaisReview: Nasi Goreng Kampung - Noticing the signage promoting a new item - Nasi Goreng Kampung at $5.50 I decided to give it a try. Probably because I happened to be the only person making an order, the Nasi Goreng Kampung was prepared faster than I could cook a maggie. I was quite surprised almost like warming up a pre-cooked meal timing. Nonetheless the food taste freshly cooked. With egg topping, the price of $5.50 (cheaper if you have the Kopitiam cashcard) seems decent. Taste wise, I have tasted better elsewhere before. I would say the quality and quantity to be good for the value you paid for. No regret i trying it in fact, I finish the entire meal. Just that the experience wouldn't be sufficient to find myself craving for a return.
Ayam Penyet Chicken RiceBy mdiqbuzzRice not oily as most chicken rice and the chicken not that fresh. Sambal, not the usual chicken rice type. But because it was a cold wet Saturday afternoon it looks attractive on the billboard and I am sold. Or perhaps, It is really actually an ayam penyet rice and not chicken rice...
Garlic Pepper Chicken with RiceBy Fahmi RaisReview: Garlic Pepper Chicken with Rice @ Ma Mum, #02-02/03 Ng Teng Fong Hospital (next to 7Eleven). Ordered Thai Garlic Pepper Chicken with Rice which cost $7.90. While the serving is reasonably generous, the taste is rather bland and definitely not what you expect as an authentic Thai serving. Dish is just passable.
Rice Meal with Fish @ Blk 136 Marsiling RoadBy Fahmi RaisReview: Rice Meal with Fish @ Indian Muslim Food, Blk 136 Marsiling Road This is an instance where what you see being advertised on the billboard is not what you get. So on the promise this stall is not giving what they are showing. as for the food, it comes with just the rice portion, 1 type of vegetable (which you don’t get to choose or you were not asked to choose) and the fish curry. While the fish is of reasonable size, the curry is a disappointment if you are expecting a curry as it turns out more like a soup that taste almost like curry. 
Chicken Rice @ Blk 136 Marsiling RoadBy Fahmi RaisReview: Chicken Rice @ Kawan Kawan stall at Blk 136 Marsiling Road  A chicken rice stall is almost a must for any food court and at Blk 136 it is no exception. In fact there are 2 stalls selling chicken rice here at this food court. At this Kawan-Kawan Chicken Rice stall, they probably sell among the best chicken rice in the north of Singapore.
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