Fine Dining

Asian Market CafeBy Fahmi RaisReview: Asian Market Cafe @ Fairmont Hotel It was a couple for 2 and the place looks empty. Reservation is staggered and I got the 3rd (last) slot at 8.45pm timing. Due to Covid, Asian Market Cafe also offers the ala carte buffet.  The price for adult dinner is $86++. They served the cold dish/appetiser, followed by 7-8 bowls of Asian dishes and lastly the dessert. On top of what they readily served to you without you picking your order, you can also request for additional dishes eg laksa, satay and prate. Nothing western. For drinks you can ask for a free flow of plum juice, coffee or tea (both hot or cold).  That is quite limited though I got to admit the ice tea tarik is so nice you'll be asking for more. Yes you will be filled to the brim with the choices but I would think that it is overpriced for local dishes. The taste however while fine dining standard lacks the quality and presentation as you can find at Straits Kitchen or Carousel.
Straits Kitchen @ Hyatt HotelBy Fahmi RaisReview: Straits Kitchen Straits Kitchen is touted as the best dining experience you can get on Scotts Road. And they do consistently live up to the reputation. At $69++ for adult dinner / $39 for child ($59++ for adult lunch / $29 for child), trust me it is worth your every dollar there. Because of Covid, the buffet is now an ala carte-buffet. You can download the menu or request for one and order for as much as you can eat. The extensive hot and cold beverages are all free flow. Each serving is good for a couple so that will give you an indication of what to expect in terms of quantity. No doubt about quality, they are all superb. They got 4 items in the Appetiser, 9 items in the Malay BBQ category, another 9 items under Indian covering Tandoori, Curry and vegetarian selections + 4 different kinds of Indian bread. 8 items under Chinese, 4 under Noodle. For Rice, you can try the signature Chicken Rice and/or the Roasted Duck Rice. And to conclude the meals, you have 9 hot favourites Desserts.