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Pindang Ikan tenggiri

If you miss your grandmother's cooking. This will be a simple dish you can start with.

 2 Onion
 4 Garlic
 ½ Ginger
 4 Red chii sliced into 2 removed seeds
 2 Lemongrass
 ½ cup Tamarind juice
 1 tsp Shrimp paste
 1 tsp Tumeric powder
 ½ tbsp Salt
 2 pinches Msg(optional)
 4 Pieces of ikan tenggiri
 2 tbsp Oil
 2 Kaffir leaves
 7 Ocra

1)Onion, garlic,ginger to be sliced thinly
2)Lemon grass twist and turn to break it up to get the fragrance and taste
3)Split the chillies into half and remove seeds
4)Heat your pot with oil. Satue pointer 1,2,3 inclusive the tumeric powder and shrimp paste
5)Once the saute items turns golden yellow, to pour tamarind juice(adjust the quantity of juice to your liking) and mix it with the saute items
6)Throw in the fish, kaffir leaves, ocras into the pot
7)Put salt, msg (adjust to your own liking) let it boil then simmer to soften the ocra and cook the fish

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