Chilli Crab @ Chai Chee Seafood

AuthorFahmi Rais

Review: Chilli Crab@ Chai Chee Seafood 359 Changi Road.

A visit was made on Saturday 2 January 2021 at 8pm.

This is the place that I used to bring my family to when we were staying at a condo in Geylang Lor 28 many years ago. So for old time sake we went there again to have our family new year dinner since phase 3 allows for 8 pax seating at one table. We had several dishes but principally we were there for the Chilli Crab. A mid-sized Chilli Crab serving will cost you about $72 but it can cater to between 4 to 6 pax no problem. While the portion remains good as we remember it, the taste is not as it used to be. The Chilli Crab back then was more 'authentically Chai Chee Seafood'. In other words, the quality has dropped but first timers might not find that noticeable.

I am inclined to think that the quality drop was because of a different/new chef. The sauce is pale in comparison with the more dynamic looking and tasting in the past. Generally we feel the same way for the other dishes that we ordered eg fried rice seafood, hor fun and oat cereal prawns. It will take a lot of pulling for us to come back again.

Nonetheless ensure that you make a reservation before coming especially on a weekend or eve of public holidays.

Branding and Customer Experience

With Kampung Chai Chee restaurant just down the road on the same stretch, it is easy to get the 2 restaurants confused. They almost have the same name and sell basically the same things. So something about the branding needs to be done to distinct itself from its 'neighbour'. When googled both restaurants appeared side by side which add further to the brand confusion.

The restaurant has undergone some renovation so the ambience and decoration looks a lot whiter in theme and cleaner. Service is great. They are attentive, polite and even take the time to ask if the food is ok or that anything else is needed despite the rather full house. They happily will pack for you food that you cant finish.




Chilli Crab @ Chai Chee Seafood

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