Yes 2020 was a bad year for most of us. It saw 10 months of Covid 19 Phase 2 being in forced (from Mar to Dec). That is almost a year of restrictions and business slowdown that nobody foresaw when we celebrated the new year in early Jan this year.

It caught all of us by surprise and looking back I gave my salute to all those who were able to sustain and survive during this challenging period.

It is also a period where everyone tries to help each other, Hence I started the Altruist Advocates kindness movement. But on a personal note, I extend my help by lowering all my service rates, almost to cost level.

So now that Phase 3 is coming in 2 days time (Monday 28 Dec), I would need to look inward and ensure that I could make the target for 2021.

So for my consulting works under BrandLab, the revision would put the agency back on its market standard with the following rates:

$5000 min for monthly retainer of at least 3 months

$10,000 min for project work of less than 2 months.

However, as the fight against Covid is still ongoing, I will keep my training and coaching rate relatively affordable still at the prevailing 2020 rates.

I have always believed that if we compromised our value, we eventually create our own downfall. Giving concessions while maintaining our value is a different thing from devaluing oneself.

We must know the difference.

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