Places of worship need to practice good customer service too

Note: This was written on 6 Jan 2020 and extracted from Facebook memory post. Incident happened at Sultan Mosque.


Was walking into the prayer hall when I heard a mosque staff shouting at 2 Chinese-looking ladies/tourists telling them to leave the place in a raised voice and clapping his hands (in not a customer service way).

And then from across the hall he looked at me (because I look Chinese with Tshirt and jeans) and pointed his index finger showing a No No sign probably thinking that I too is a Chinese tourist trying to get a closer look at the main prayer hall. Noting that I didnt move away, he then walked towards me and give a salam in a loud way probably trying to ascertain if I am a Muslim. I answered and he then walked away.

Our most respected mosque needs to review its guest relations mannerism for sure.

Ps. If i were to visit a temple or church and was shouted at to leave the place because of non-visiting hours or attire or etc etc, I would leave the place with a poor impression of the beauty that the religion claims to have. Period.

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