Our EGO strives in Facebook

Facebook is the playing ground of our EGO.

We choose not to like a good post because we do not like the person who posted it.

We do not unfriend a contact because we enjoy fanning our hatred especially when we see him or her doing good or being happy.

We do not unfriend a contact because we enjoy reading about his or her problem, downfall, mishap, misfortune.

We avoid making any comment to a post unless it is about correcting mistakes made by others.

We offer a comment in the name of discussion when what we wanted to have is the last say.

We directed our post specifically to someone but put a disclaimer that it is a general statement meant for no one.

We choose not to share much in FB because we feel that we are the ones that should get the attention, not giving it.

And the list goes on.

Let’s pray that we can keep our EGOS constantly checked and tamed.

Be kind. Be a good servant of God for the remaining time we have. Gunakan sosial media untuk kebaikan dan menambah pahala. 

This post was originally posted on my Facebook on 31 March 2021. 


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