fahmirais.com is an example of plan-do-launch execution. It was an idea that came about from a coffeeshop discussion with a good friend Mo Iqbal just 2 weeks ago.

We decided to start working on it day and night and today the site is launched. He did the technical backend and I focused on aesthetic and content. It wasn’t easy and we went through numerous trials and errors getting used to the wordpress and elementor models. We resolved all issues together.

The last 2 weeks taught us one thing – commit to an action plan, work together and set a deadline. If there is no commitment made then a 2-week website wont be up even after 2 years. Trust me, I have seen this happening many times. So what the poster below says is so true !
Looking back we are proud with the outcome. And at the time of this writing, friends are streaming in to register. And here are the 3 kinds of invitees: 

1. those that I invited and immediately they took the time to register, fast and free. In addition they were happy for me and wished me well. Some even went a step further to help broadcast the new blog and invited their friends to register as well. To them, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Truly and deeply appreciated. I know who you are. I can see your names in the User’s List.  

2. those that I invited and they acknowledged the invitation. I was told that they will register but I wouldn’t know when. It could be tomorrow, or next week or next month or never. If they do, its a bonus. If they don’t I won’t be disappointed as I have learnt to manage my expectations from the start – not to be too hopeful on them. But at the very least they are made aware of the blog now and know that it exists. All is not lost and for that I thank them for being there still when I knocked on their door. 

3. those that I invited and they ignored my message after it was marked ‘read’. I have invited them based on my regard for them as my friends but I guess the feeling wasn’t mutual. I respect their stay-at-a-distance stand and would still wish them well now and for the future. 

Back to Iqbal, this entry is for you. To salute you for believing in me and working together on it as well as putting up with all the frustrations that came with the troubleshooting in the development of the site. May this initiative of ours bring us the goals that we both dream of


    1. Thank you Faly. First of all am happy that you have secured your own brandname. While people may try to copy you, they cant take that name and IP away from you. Looking forward to see the page grow beyond the current homepage. Am excited for you. And thanks for making your maiden comment. Hope you find the other entries an interesting read.

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