How to do a food review in 5 easy steps

Food Review

So you want to be a professional food review blogger. Well, you now can do it with class in 5 easy steps. You can review your dining experience, share pictures or videos, you can rate your experience (based on 5 stars ratings) and you can even share your review on your social media ! How cool is that.

So this is what you need to do. First you have to be a registered user of Go to Once you are a registered member you can do so many wonderful things in the blog site. Let’s say you want to do a food review.

The second (next) step is to click on NEW button at the top black bar of your screen. You will then see a dropdown menu and just select POST.


The 3rd thing is to fill in the fields. Write your title (the name of the food you are reviewing or the place or both) at the Recipe Tittle bar. Next below it you select the category (that is easy right?). Skip the next bar and at the bottom of the screen you click on Set Feature Image. That will be the photo that will appear on the homepage promoting your review (and the photo that will appear on your social media when you share the review).

Next you scroll down the page and you see the heading Recipe Template. That is the body you fill in your review. At the end of
click enter and start writing your content  (How long or short is up to you. Once you are done, just copy and past the first paragraph of your review into the Recipe Excerpt box below (no need the whole article). Once done, scroll down and you’ll see a green PUBLISH button. Click on that and you are done !

Now to check if you review is published, just go to the homepage ( and scroll down to the yellow section and you should be able to see your review there. 

The fourth thing is to give a ratings to it. Just click on your review and it will lead you back to the page where you can see the stars. You can give the star ratings.

1 Star – You miss nothing by not trying

2 Stars – Not bad but not good enough to recommend to others

3 Stars – Definitely worth the time, travel and money

4 Stars – A favourite for any reason or season

5 Stars – Don’t miss it for the world !

If there is NO rating it means that the post is under Chef Recipe Sharing.

And lastly, you can share your review post on your Facebook by clicking on the blus share button below.

Once you have done it once and see your review published and being able to share it on your social media you will feel empowered. With a few more food reviews and you are on the way to be a professional food reviewer or blogger !

Now let’s start blogging. Perhaps you may want to visit any of the places recommended when you click on the button below.


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