I have grown accustomed to customising my days in this last quarter of 2020 and here is how it goes… (based on Monday as the new start day of the week).

Monday – day for clients and new business.This is the day that I review what needs to be done for my client for the week and resolving outstanding matters. It is also the day where I would plan for meetings exploring new business opportunities. Its symbolic to be giving the impression to my clients that their interest comes first in a. new week.

Tuesday – lecturing day. Nothing can be done on this day as my lecture and tutorials would occupy my day from 9am to 7pm. Its also a Do Not Disturb night as I take my rest after a long day in and out of online sessions.

Wednesday is my middle-of-the-week-weekend and it is spent on running errands as well as catching up with what’s left with my dreams, outstanding matters in my bucket list and need-to-do things that are important and urgent, and when i cant delegate those that are important but not urgent and urgent but not important as well (not urgent and not important gets no attention at all).

Thursday – an exact duplicate of my Tuesday.

Friday – its my dedicated self improvement and me-time day where I would pick up a new knowledge, skill or activity. Its also my coaching day where if booked, I will be guiding individuals or small groups on personal branding and soft skills development.

Saturday – its exploration day ie day of adventure, hobbies, kids’ activities, movies, dine out etc

Sunday – its my family day and events day.

Of course, everyday is date-day with God and wife.

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