So I admit that I am about 40 years approximately too late to learn the guitar. I got this pre-loved guitar from my nephew who delivered it to my home today. Its kinda of a present I get for myself. Wife refers to it as one of the items in my bucket list, the other notably owning a Harley Davidson. By the way, my family got me a Prism+ TV as my birthday. I thoroughly enjoy the much clearer screen.

Now this is the 2nd guitar in my life. Can’t remember what happened to the first one. But for sure I did’t pursue the music lesson beyond a few classes.

I am not a player. But I loved to watch videos of girls and boys playing this instrument like they were born to be. Looking at these youngsters playing Hotel California (on Facebook and Youtube) inspire me to give one more attempt in my life. Will I play like them? I don’t know but I will make some commitment to learn at least the Happy Birthday tune if not Stairway to Heaven.

So here you go Mr Fahmi, hurt you finger tips and enjoy your new company.


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