First Wedding Invite in 2021

3 reasons why I am making a personal blog entry on this.

#1 – this my first wedding invite for the year 2021.

#2 – this is the wedding of my best friend’s daughter – Nur Hidayah Bte Roseli with Muhammad Hanif Bin Abdul Jalil (on 30 Jn 2021 @ Primax Building).

#3 – this is the reunion opportunity for me with Roseli (ie bridegroom’s father) and his elder brother Roslan. Our friendship went back 40 years ago when we were all in the same Woodsville Secondary School (in the early 80s).

The 3 of us were extremely close to each other and we shared many moments together. So it looks like among the 3 of us, Roseli is the first to be a father-in-law and surely after this Roslan will follow. I doubt mine will be anytime this year.

Their beautiful family.

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