Building a community with IMG

The Inspire and Motivate Group (IMG) is a new  help-the-community initiative after the launch of Altruist Advocates as a kindness movement last October.

IMG aims to empower 500 people affected by Covid with skills that will enable them to have new choices in life. And this is done through FREE self-development and interpersonal skills training that anyone can acquire and should have (if they don’t). Those skills can give them the edge to go for a new job, or aim higher within the current career path, grow their business or simply start a new trade.

 The value of these training is at least $7.500 delivered in 7 modules. However, they are only accessible to members of IMG. This is because such goodwill cannot be presented without a base. IMG needs a platform to provide basic support eg venue, system, membership management site, reward structure etc. Otherwise the learning is wasted or privilege abused. Minimum entry to IMG is $208 using Asentar platform. We emphasize the value of the knowledge as first and foremost. The supplement while fantastic is not the main reason. Neither is the business component. If members love them, it’s a bonus. What is more important is the acquisition of life skills that can make your future better. With those skills, being in any job or marketing any product/service becomes easy. Without a platform, all the trainings may not be of value. After giving you a fish, we want to give you a rod so that the next fish is yours to find with the tool given. And we hope you will then help others the way you have been helped.

 If you appreciate the sight and smell of beautiful fresh flowers then you are the right person we are looking for. But if you only see the recycled old bottle in which the flowers are placed in, then we would not want you.

 Some of these skills are taught by me at the university and you are getting it just like that. In the end, you and me, we all can only make a difference to the lives of those who want to have a different life. May Allah blessed all of our good works. 

 Yours, Fahmi Rais




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