8th Snippet Sharing Session

The 8th Snippet Sharing session was conducted on Wednesday 9 June 2021.

Today (the 8th Snippet Sharing) is about Change vs Transformation. The fact that all of you are in this IMG was group shows that you are all going for a change. The question is what is change and is change enough? I begin by painting a scenario for you. Let’s say you are on a boat. Even if you are not rowing, the boat is moving. You will be drifting. Your boat is not static. That is because while you are doing nothing, the current below is moving and it is pushing you, either deeper into the open waters or bringing you to shore. In other words, your location will change despite you not rowing. So the moral of the story in this is…even if you are doing nothing, change is bound to happen.

Now let’s take the scenario further. Say, now you decide to row, you think that you are changing your location but the reality is that you are not. Because for every row you made to the front, the current is pushing you one row’s distance to the back. You are rowing to nowhere. So it means even if you do something, if that something is feeble, insufficient, inadequate, the desired change will not happen. For you to then reach the shore you got to row twice or more than the current that is pushing you back. And if you want to go faster you need a sail, faster still, an engine etc. In other words, a massive change is necessary. That massive change is the lead to transformation.

So anyone can change since change will happen whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, whether you are looking for it or not. Change is no big deal. You can change your clothes a thousand times, that will not change your form. If you are thin, you still be thin. If you are overweight, you will still be overweight, regardless of how many times you change your clothes. But if you were to plan for a dramatic change, you go to the gym everyday, you watch your diet etc your body will no longer be all fats but it will be all muscles. That is transformation. Arnorld Schwae=rzenegger was a thin boy when he was a teenager. The transformation made him into a world bodybuilding champion and a movie legend.

So we have roughly know that change is the baby steps of transformation. You are still you when you change. You are the new you when you transform.

You pick up a new skill is a change (from the old you who knows nothing). But that is not a transformation until you use that skill and create a new environment for yourself. All the skills in the world wont do much good if you do not employ them into practice. The difference is using what you acquire to completely alter the environment around you. This reality is happening in the world today. The gamechangers are not the ones who are improving. The gamechangers are the ones who do things that no one else is doing. Running another hotel is a change of situation. Creating an entirely new business model like AirBnB is transformation. Running a new line of public transportation (perhaps by putting more taxis on the road) is changing the situation but hacking the transport industry by creating private hires (Uber) that transform the business altogether.

So what we all need to work on is transformation. Never mind the change. It’s happening on its own as we grow older, as we get smarter, and as we become more knowledgeable. No applause for that. We need to work on transforming ourselves. Instead of fixing our past, we focus on planning our future. Instead of looking at the how-to, we consider the why-not ? Instead of making calculated attempts, we give our all out and take massive action. Only then will the flip happens.

The problem most of us faced is the lack of daringness to be completely in the new. We are wired to be risk-averse. So we will continue to play in the change world instead of becoming a successful business or career personalities. Because in the change world we are just like everybody else (remember everyone is changing). We need to get out of that trap and play in the world where we are the first or the best.

In conclusion, it is not in what you have, but in what you are prepared to do. You could be living in an apartment with the gym at the basement and you are still out of shape. Or you could be just working on a single recipe and be the next KFC. It all comes down to you. You think of changing, you’ll get the change. You think of transforming and you’ll transform. The decision is always yours. If what you are today 9 June 2021 is no better than you were in 9 June 2020, it means you are in the change world. Now how 9 June 2022 will look like depends on the choice of either change of transformation. If you want transformation, you need sacrifices, you need to feel the pain and you need to stand up after this session and make a pledge. I am here to help you by showing the way. I am not here to transform you. Nobody can. Only you could.

Now decide in which box do you want to be in.

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