4th Knowledge Snippet Sharing Session

Welcome to the 4th snippet sharing session. Today we will be looking at Attitude and Choices. We are faced with these 2 on a daily basis and probably on a subconscious level with these 2 on an hourly basis. So lets take a look at the 3 elements that make up the attitude and choices we make…

In order for us to succeed (at an extraordinary level) in a given area, we need Potential, Belief and Action. Not 1 out of 3, not 2 out of 3 but ALL 3. Let us consider just having one of them. Say you have potential, it simply means having a hidden talent that you may not even be aware that you have it. Say you have belief, what you think you have is just faith and without potential and action, faith will become mere hope. Say you only have action, it means you are just able to do work, performing with no purpose and confidence. So each on their own will probably lead you to a certain failure.

Let’s now take a look at what happened when you have 2 out of 3 by using say being a Coach as an example. Say you have Potential and Belief. You got talent and you think you can. But if the 2 are not supported by any action, you are just like a lost treasure. Very valuable but of no value to anyone since you cant be found. No amount of talent and belief can make you succeed if you do nothing.

Say you have belief and action. You think you can be a good coach and you take the action to become one but if you do not have a natural talent to being one, your success will be limited. You may end up somewhere as a Trainer, but hardly a coach that is well respected for your coaching abilities. Another eg I want to be a top singer. I believe I can do it and I take singing lessons, but if I don’t have the voice to be a top singer, the belief and the action will not get me signed up with a recording company because I don’t have the voice (and therefore I cant be a top singer).

Say you have action and potential, you will also not reach the desired success level. You put in the work and you have the talent but your performance will not shine because you don’t believe in yourself. So your hard work and talent wont take you far because you have no confidence. You have therefore created your own glass ceiling.

So to be successful, you need all 3 supporting each other. If you have the talent, and you believe you can do it against all odds and you put in your heart and soul, no force on earth can stop you. You will succeed in due time. Likewise if you do not have the talent nor the confidence and obviously you make no effort you will not even get off the ground, forget about reaching the stars.

So what makes the rich get richer? They move in the 3 motions of potential, belief and action in an upward spiraling motion. Eg, they found their talent and they have full confidence and they take massive action, the result will undoubtedly be positive. When they see the positive result, they become more convinced that their talent is God’s Gift’ and not found in others which will result in them having higher confidence to achieve more and with that they put in greater effort than before… result will positively double or triple. And it continues spiraling upwards. That explains why the rich get richer because the use of all 3 elements creates the result that will only motivate and inspire them to do more and be more.

And the poor get poorer? because they do not have the complete 3 or mismanage one of them. Say you have the potential and you believe you can but you put in a half-baked effort to the job in hand, you will not get the result you want. And with that, you will start questioning whether you really do have the talent for it. And when you start having doubt that the result will get worse. With that poorer outcome, any remaining belief that you might have will also diminish. And that is why you get deeper into the rabbit hole.

So there you go. Understand that your chances of success are influenced by doing what you can do best, have absolute confidence in your ability and putting in the justified amount of effort, and you will be going up the success ladder. Break any of the 3 and you will be slipping down the snake back to the bottom of the game.


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