Taking all chances in 2021.

2021 is coming and along with it all new chances.

There is always a chance things will go wrong.

A chance happiness will be there waiting.

A chance that death comes first.

A chance is all I need.

Family and good friends are not chances. They are real and worth the fight and to keep. But there is always that chance of broken ties, of lost loves and of distancing bonds to over run the real.

And in all of my current imperfections, the one that glares the most in the sight of conscience is my excessive doubts that the next chance I take may not put me on the right course, much less the best.

I’ve had my share of losing, of falling and of endings. And the irony of them all, those dark history made me thirsty for more chances. One more losing won’t kill. One more falling won’t hurt. And one more ending won’t stop. But one good chance that I may inadvertently lose due to fading courage could rob my life potentially of its main destiny. And that chance I cannot miss.

So in the new calendar year, I am going after that chance and all the chances before me. Bruised, battered and trouble-hardened, I will take that chance by first reducing all my doubts to rubbles.

No matter how remote or fleeting.

For my family and for all those who believes in me.

And in me that I believe, stands a Man who will not kneel unless to his Maker.

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